Monday, August 24, 2009


Well if I wasn't already sure that we have the world's best baby and dog before this weekend, I would have been convinced on our camping trip!! :) Not only did Emmery do incredible on his first camping trip, he was also the biggest trooper on our 4-wheeler ride from hell! Hahaha

We were planning on camping up at Tony's Grove in Logan Canyon. We were going to leave Logan at 6 o'clock on Friday night but by the time Shawn and Gina got the 4-wheelers and got to Logan it was 8. We got up the canyon and go figure, every single campsite was taken. (I'd checked to make sure there were some available around 5 before we headed up) So plan B, Gina's dad has land up Cub River just outside of Preston, Idaho. We drive the hour and a half back up to Cub River and finally set up camp at midnight. Sky built a fire and we spent the next few hours enjoying the fire and relaxing. It was a BEAUTIFUL night and felt so wonderful to just be outdoors.

Saturday we woke up, Sky scrambled some eggs for us and then we packed up the 4-wheelers. I strapped Emmery to me in his new carrier that we bought for our little weekend excursion and off we went! We took a gorgeous ride up to Willow Flats and ate lunch. We all dipped our feet in the stream and Conner had a blast throwing rocks in the stream. Bella thought it was so fun to pounce after the rocks and try and retrieve them from the freezing water! She was a doggie in heaven! After lunch we jumped back on the 4-wheelers and headed up the mountain. Sky found a trail heading down and it looked pretty good, so he decided to take it..... 20 minutes later, we are on the trail from hell. There is no way to turn around and what was a nice dirt trail is now rocks, fallen trees and overgrown. The boys did an amazing job of getting us down safely and we finally hit some level ground... problem being, we weren't really sure where the two trails that were forking off in front of us lead to or what condition they'd be in. Long story short, we took one for about 15 miles only to turn around, backtrack, take the other one, have another scary trail ride and FINALLY reach Cub River Road! Boy were we excited to see civilization!! Other than being totally covered in dirt, some sore muscles and a few scratches, we made it out just fine! The kids were unharmed and Em looked liked he'd had fun! hahaha! Bella was a perfect little puppy and stayed right by my side the entire time and hung on for dear life :)

When we got back down to camp Sky started us a fire and we put our campfire dinners on. Sky's fam came up and they roasted hot dogs and we all did s'mores. It was a great time!!

Needless to say, we'll never forget Em's first camping trip!!!


Anonymous said...

I love camping! I am so glad that Emmery did awesome.

Sarah said...

Wow. That sounds like it was harder for mama than for baby. I think YOU are a sport, too!