Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Still waiting...

Well we had a nice trip to Labor and Delivery this weekend. I was having contractions for about 5 hours consistently about 4-5 minutes apart lasting a minute, so we decided to go get checked out. They hooked me up to the monitors and watched me for a while. I wasn't dilating any further and only thinned to 85% effaced. So they sent us home after a while. Monday morning we went to our ultrasound. He weighs 6 lbs 14 oz and is absolutely perfect! Tuesday morning my dr stripped my membranes and boy was that NOT fun. I haven't felt the greatest since, but hopefully it gets things moving!!!!!! Until then, here's a cute pic :)


Kyle, Sara, and Co. said...

I'm so glad things are progressing (sorry to hear about the doc stripping your membranes... OUCH!) Most importantly, Mom and Baby are healthy. Although you're uncomfortable remember, he's worth it!

Love you!

(I'm going to stop holding my breath but let Emmery know I'm anxious to meet him!)

Anonymous said...

ouch! Stripping the membranes does not sound fun. I hope your little man comes soon!