Monday, March 30, 2009

My silly husband!

So last night I wake up to a strange sound. I look over and I realize that Skyler is pulling all this stuff off of his nightstand, clock, phone, etc. I ask him what he is doing, no response. He proceeds to pull the lamp off the nightstand and is yanking on the cord. I'm thinking what the heck!? So I ask him again, "Honey, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Again, no response. He looks over and kinda has this glazed over look and then lays down and puts the lamp on his stomach. I'm sitting there like "Hmm" then he sits, up, puts the lamp back on the table, lays down and zonks out.

Well this morning I am sitting at work and just got a phone call from Sky. He is laughing and asks "What the hell did I do last night?! I woke up at the alarm clock is on the floor, my phone is in Bella's bed and the lamp is unplugged." I burst out laughing hysterically! Apparently, he'd had a dream that someone was breaking into our home. He was trying to get the lap for protection... hahaha! I just can't believe he actually unplugged it and everything!


The Rigbys said...

Ha ha, wow that is funny!

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious!! I wish that Cam did stuff like that but it is usually me. :D

Sarah said...

Well, at least he was trying to protect you, right?