Friday, March 20, 2009

25 Week Belly!

Oh my gosh! I'm 27 weeks today! Time is flying yet it feels like 3 months is an eternity! Emmery is doing WONDERFUL! He is one active little guy! I told Sky the other day that I thought I swallowed the Tazmanian Devil! He was just goin crazy! Of course he is still shy when anyone wants to feel... what a stinker. This pictures is at 25 weeks. Can you believe how big that belly is getting!? I go in the 31st for the fun Diabetes test. Not to worried! But I hear you have to drink some icky stuff! I'll also be getting my shot for RH-. Should be a fun appointment... NOT! :)


Anonymous said...

YOu are so funny! I love the swallowing a tasmanian devil decription.

Kyle, Sara, and Co. said...


Updated pics!

Your family is beautiful!

Love you!