Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Good job Emmery!!

So I had my 31 week appointment this morning (gasp, can you believe we'll only have 2 months left as of this Thursday!?)and everything looks WONDERFUL! Our little monkey finally turned head down! Thank goodness :) Hopefully he'll stay that way and quit freaking his mommy out that she is going to have a breach baby!

Last week I had to go get all of the fun testing done. The did the antibodies and gestational diabetes tests. I had to drink some icky drink that tasted like flat, old, orange soda, wait an hour then have 8 things of blood drawn. For those of you that know me well and know I HATE needles... this was not fun! But the nurse was VERY nice and gentle and talked to me the entire time to try and distract me :) I also had to get my Rogham shot cause I'm RH-. That wasn't as bad as I expected! They told me they would call me by Friday if anything came up on the tests that concerned them. I got a call that afternoon and was a little panicked to see my Dr.'s number on my phone! But they were calling to tell me that everything came back perfect on the tests and I was healthy as a horse! YEAH!!

Today Dr. Brown did measurements and Emmery is RIGHT ON SCHEDULE measuring exactly 31 1/2 weeks and about 3 lbs. She still thinks he'll be right about 7 pounds at birth. That I can handle!

This weekend is our baby shower and I cannot wait to see all my friends and family! We are so very blessed by all the people in our lives and it will be so fun to see them and catch up with everyone! I'll post pictures next week!


Anonymous said...

What a relief! And I feel your pain about needles. I can't ever watch them go into my arm and I don't ever want to see the thickness of them. Once they are in I can look. Have fun at your baby shower!

Sarah said...

Oh. I am the same way about needles. I am so grateful for the nice nurses who talked me through it too. Made life MUCH easier. So glad that things are going well for you & baby. See you this weekend.