Saturday, April 24, 2010

Boise, Easter and Yard Work

Game Time
The Llama's had their first tournament for the season a couple of weekends ago up in Boise, Idaho. It was an entertaining drive up with me, Sky and Oly in the front seat of the truck and Shawn, Keno and Em in the backseat! There is never a dull moment with those boys! :)

The tournament was fun but the weather could have been better! It was chilly and overcast pretty much all weekend. But it sure was nice to be outside! We watched games and hung out and really enjoyed a laid back weekend.

Em ready for some ball games!

Daddy warming up

On Saturday after the boys were done playing we went to dinner and then over to Sky's parents hotel and went swimming. It was Em's first time and he really had fun! He's my little fish... but I wasn't too surprised, bathtime is his favorite! We are looking forward to many days at the pool this summer!

Let's go swimmin dad!

Promise he had fun.... my camera died before I could take pictures of him splashin around!


We went up to Mel and Vicki's for Easter and had a fun time! Em got a cute Llama's sweatshirt, some yummy yogurt melts and a Dinosaur book from grandma

Cute boy

Easter boy with his goodies

Yard Work

Now that spring is FINALLY here we've been excited to get our yard in! So first things first....

Last weekend we started putting in our sprinkler system. Thank goodness for our friend Jeremy (Evans Concrete) and for Craig who came over and trenched!!! That would have taken a month by hand! Then Keno and Mel helped us put all the PVC in and get flex pipe run for the sprinkler heads. We're blessed to have such amazing friends that are always here to help and for Sky's dad that is down every time we need a hand with projects! THANKS GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!


Water break!

Our lil supervisor! He made sure we were doin it right :)

Today Lance (LC Paving) came and poured our decorative curbing for the planter beds. It turned out wonderful and I can't wait to plant some flowers! Jeremy dug out a hole for our future fire pit (cannot wait to sit around it at night and roast marshmellows and feel like we're campin in our own back yard)

We will being doing concrete work the next few weekends then plantin seed! Oh man I can't wait til we have a lawn!!!!!!!!

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