Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Seriously time flies!

My little guy is 4 months and it feels like he was just born 4 weeks ago!!! He's getting so big! Latest developments are:
1. My big boy thinks he can sit up on his own... but then his head gets too heavy and he topples over...
2. His most favorite thing is a bath! In fact, we take 2 a day cause he demands ones at night!
3. He is teething. Boo on this development. He is a droolin fool! And he will gnaw on ANYTHING within reach! But fingers are his fav!
4. We are working on rolling over, but most of the time he is just content to lay on his side and not complete the over part of rolling over.
and finally 5. He is now eating oatmeal in his night time bottle and you should see this kid suck it down! He loves him some oatmeal!

Here is the latest of my cutie patootie (Yep, he's gonna kill me for that one one day!

In other news.... the house is flying! We have sheetrock, windows, and we're starting the floor this week! I can't believe it!! Can't wait to cook a turkey in my very own oven next month!!!!!!


Sarah said...

Oh my heavens!!! That is the cutest photo of your little guy. I am glad you are having fun with him. I didn't know you were building a home, that is so exciting. I hope everything stays on track and goes well.

Kyle, Sara, and Co. said...

OMG! Look at those eyes! He is so precious! And that house! Congrats!

Jen Gray said...

Awww, wittle man is SO cute! Give him lots of kissey's and hugs for me ok?! House is looking GREAT, I'm sooo stinking happy for you and your cute family! Love and miss you babe!
JEN xoxo