Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our little man!

We went in Monday for our follow up ultrasound to see the other side of Emmery's heart and everything looks PERFECT! We got the best little picture of his profile and I can already tell he is going to be one adorable baby! I cannot wait to see him and hold him!
I am going to be 24 weeks on Friday and I can't believe how quickly it's going! I'll be 6 months! WOOOO! I am getting quite the belly and I LOVE IT! Its so fun watching it grow and knowing he's growing in there! He is one active little guy and kicks most of the day! But he is awesome and let's his mom sleep at night! Thank you buddy :) Here are some fun pictures!


Anonymous said...

I love the hands!

Kyle, Sara, and Co. said...


I'm so tickled you gave us an update on your babe! (And, that you are both healthy... Skyler included.)

Isn't is a crazy feeling to know you've got a miracle growing inside of you?

Also, glad to know the babe is letting you get your much needed "Beauty Sleep" Although... you hardly need it.

Love You

P.S.I'm requesting more belly shots

Sammy said...

How exciting! He is going to be so cute! I agree with Jan, I love the hands shot! So cool!

Sarah said...

How fun. I am glad that everything is going well. Have you started to set up the nursery yet?

Mike, Amber and Camden said...

Yeah! That is so awesome! He looks like one cute little guy, I can't wait to see ya. And touch your cute belly. Although I am a little afraid it will make me even more baby hungry! ha ha Lova ya